“They did some great work here. I am leaving far stronger than I was when I came in. I look forward to getting back to outdoors activities.”

– Norman Whalen

“The care, activities, food and therapy here are wonderful. The staff is friendly and always happy.”

– Michael McLeod

“The staff was polite, kind, and attentive. Physical therapy was top of the line. Highly recommend!”

– Robert Borgersen

“I’d like to thank everyone that helped my recovery. The support for the patient and family was superb! I’m lucky to have received all the help.”

– Diane Bianco

“Everyone went out of their way to help me. Everyone was so responsive and caring. You guys are the best and I was so glad to have all of you. You really know your job and it makes a difference. Michael was very helpful. The thing I liked the most was the food, and the people really cared. You can feel it when people care. I would recommend the facility. I love each one of you and I’m very grateful.”

– Ronald Scornavacca

Richard HoffmanI recently had the privilege of staying at Allendale Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center for the second time, and once again, my experience exceeded expectations. The therapy department, led by Brook, along with Andre, Ryan, Rich, and others, provided thorough and personalized care that significantly contributed to my recovery. The nursing team, especially Peter, demonstrated exceptional professionalism and compassion, making me feel well-cared for throughout my stay. The variety and quality of food options were impressive, with multiple menu choices for every meal, all of which were delicious. Allendale Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center has truly created a welcoming and supportive environment that leaves nothing to be desired. I am grateful for the outstanding care and would highly recommend this facility to others in need of rehabilitation and healthcare services. 

Richard Hoffman 

“I cannot express sufficient praise for this facility. The rehabilitation department was truly outstanding. When my mom arrived, she could barely walk, but she left with the ability to cycle for 25 minutes after an hour of physical therapy. The nursing staff and aides were wonderful. They were patient and incredibly accommodating to my mom’s needs. The management staff was consistently present and attentive to our concerns. Everyone turned a very challenging situation into an incredibly positive experience. Thank you.”

– Isabel Vizueta (Daughter of Josephine)

“I recently had the pleasure of staying at Allendale Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center for a respite stay, and I must say, it was a truly enjoyable experience. The staff at this facility went above and beyond to make my stay comfortable and accommodating. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and well cared for. One of the standout features of my stay was the fantastic range of activities available. The activities were not only enjoyable but also tailored to suit various interests and abilities. Whether it was arts and crafts, group exercises, or social events, there was always something fun and engaging to do. It truly made my stay both entertaining and fulfilling. I would wholeheartedly recommend Allendale Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center to anyone in need of respite care. The accommodating staff, fantastic activities, and responsive service from Eli made my stay a memorable and positive experience. It’s a place where you can truly relax and enjoy your time while receiving the care and attention you need.”

– Richard Vargo

“The food is quite good. The cleaning service did a good job. Everyone really treated me well. Rehab was wonderful. I love every one of them. They were kind and informative. They are all superb! If I had a complaint, I would be lying.”

– Louise Casey

“I had the privilege of staying at Allendale Rehab, and I must say that my experience was truly exceptional. What stood out the most during my stay was the quality of therapy I received. The dedication and expertise of the therapists were unparalleled, and it was evident that they genuinely cared about my progress and well-being. Compared to my previous experiences in other facilities, I found myself much happier at Allendale Rehab. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming, and conducive to healing. The positive energy of the staff was infectious, and it made a significant difference in my overall outlook. I must mention Peter and Calvin, two exceptional aides who played a pivotal role in my recovery journey. Their professionalism, compassion, and attention to detail were truly remarkable. Their support made me feel comfortable and motivated throughout my stay. One striking aspect of Allendale Rehab was the staff’s collective happiness and camaraderie. Every team member I encountered greeted me with a smile and a friendly “hi”, creating an environment that felt like a supportive community. This positivity further enhanced my rehabilitation experience. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Allendale Rehab to everyone seeking top-notch care and a genuinely uplifting environment. My journey to recovery was not only successful, but also enjoyable, thanks to the outstanding therapy and the wonderful staff.”

– George Davidson

“The staff was truly exceptional, displaying unwavering kindness, helpfulness, and care. Nurse John’s dedication stood out in particular. Kim and every team member contributed greatly to the wonderful experience. The rehabilitation program exceeded expectations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. “Caring” perfectly encapsulates the essence of their approach, making it an easy recommendation for anyone in need of such services. Sincerely,”

– William Fennelly

“I came to Allendale Rehabilitation after a fall which tore my left rotator cuff and broke my left hip bone. The therapy really helped me regain my strength. I had a fantastic stay here. The staff treated me well and the people were very nice. Activities were also fun! I would certainly recommend Allendale to others.”

– Leonard Timmins

“We really enjoyed our stay here at Allendale Rehabilitation. The nurses were super helpful and quick to respond when we called them. My husband came into the facility unable to walk, and the rehab team here worked with him and now he has regained his mobility. If we ever need a rehab facility again, we will definitely come back.  We recommend Allendale to anyone, Allendale is #1!”

– Jacquelin & Khosrov Stambolian

“As parents of a disabled girl, we were nervous about picking a rehabilitation center for our daughter. The staff at Allendale Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center took care of her and did an incredible job. The nurses always listened to what we had to say and kept us involved in the care of our daughter. Everyone in the facility tried so hard to make sure she was always happy and taken care of. On top of that, the place is clean, and the staff is very friendly. The activities were engaging and important for our daughter, she really benefited from them. Dr. Shatkin was amazing as well.”

– Pat and Ken Wagner

“My experience at Allendale Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center was amazing! Everyone was so nice to me. It’s pretty cool to see so many nice people in one place. Everyone attended to all my needs in a caring and timely manner. The rehab would check on me twice to three times a day and it really got me back on track. When I came into the facility I could hardly get dressed and now I’m walking around. I would recommend Allendale Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center to all my friends and family.”

– Armand Savaria

Allendale helped me feel safe and ready to go home!

They really wanted me to be safe and made me want more therapy. I went from a PEG tube to being able to eat normal food. I realized that exercise and food wasn’t so bad! Joon checked me every day and opened my eyes to realize that I really did need to be here.

To Joon, I would like to say “Thank you very very much.”

Paul and Samantha in rehab were real good. Brooke, the Director, was instrumental in supporting my journey at the center. Everything here was very good!

– Nancy Notarangelo

Above, Above, Above, And Beyond!

Thank you to everyone at Allendale for always going above and beyond. I’m grateful for the nursing team, especially Vita and Peter. When I was down in the dumps, they brought me back up and always reassured me that I would get better. They were my rock. I will always recommend Allendale to anyone. Thank you, thank you!

– Harriet Fishman

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