Allendale helped me feel safe and ready to go home!

They really wanted me to be safe and made me want more therapy. I went from a PEG tube to being able to eat normal food. I realized that exercise and food wasn’t so bad! Joon checked me every day and opened my eyes to realize that I really did need to be here.

To Joon, I would like to say “Thank you very very much.”

Paul and Samantha in rehab were real good. Brooke, the Director, was instrumental in supporting my journey at the center. Everything here was very good!

–Nancy Notarangelo

Above, Above, Above, And Beyond!

Thank you to everyone at Allendale for always going above and beyond. I’m grateful for the nursing team, especially Vita and Peter. When I was down in the dumps, they brought me back up and always reassured me that I would get better. They were my rock. I will always recommend Allendale to anyone. Thank you, thank you!

–Harriet Fishman

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